Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spotted puppies with spots

¡Hola! Visitors.

On Thursday our CEO showed me some photos of puppies he had taken within the Manis Manis compound.

Aren't they cute? Thus, in a mixture of excitement and absolute terror insignificant amount of worry (I heard mommy dog is always extremely fierce and scary...), I went on a puppy hunt with Mr. George yesterday.

We came by piles of woods/planks where we could hear little noises made by the puppies. However, we could see none of them. Apparently, the mom had moved them and hid them right in the middle of the piles. You can only see their little legs if you squat low enough and peek in between the woods.

Just as I was about to look for alternative ways to get a better look at the puppies, barks were heard and the mom was spotted at the other side of the resort. Oh no!! In absolute panic calm consideration, I forced suggested to Mr. George that we should ran and hide leave the puppies alone in peace.

Thus, I can't get any update about the puppies the puppies are now hidden safely from the prying eyes of humans.

Hmm... now if only I can find a way to delete the unnecessary words instead of striking them out... 

Your blog keeper & resident detective,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alien Invasion?!!!

Greetings dear visitors!

Just the other day I was poking my nose doing my usual investigation around Manis Manis Nature Resort and Spa, when suddenly I came across a shocking diary entry that belonged to one of our Manis Manis staffs!!

Here's what was written on the entry along with some photos attached to said entry:

"Pods and pods of blue, red, yellow alien space crafts landed in Manis Manis last Friday. The scariest moment ever. There were little aliens scrambling out of their pods. They wore green/yellow space suits and what appeared to be white helmets on their heads. Some had badges and wearing scarves. Few bearing and ran around with flags that spell - S-C-O-U-T. We were terrified as we don't know what it means. 

That calm afternoon, more and more pods landed. The aliens appear humanoids. I assume trying to assimilate human. Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa looks like an alien invasion of the 4th kind. They were able to communicate. One even asked where the bathroom was. Strange little creatures, perhaps they can pee too or MAYBE they are here to see how our bathroom works. 

It was obvious they had a leader. Tall, full of facial hair, hats - very human like. Terrifying indeed. All we can do was take pictures as they came out of their - kinda cute pods."

It seems that we had an invasion unusual encounter just a few weeks ago!! Thank goodness the aliens visitors were harmless and Manis Manis is still operating as usual.

Test your luck when you visit us at Manis Manis. Who knows, you might bump into another group of visitors if you are lucky.

Your blog keeper & resident detective,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Selamat Datang, dear visitor!!

Welcome to the blog of Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa.
Here is where we share our latest updates, news and stories with you. So be sure to drop by often.

Before our official website is uploaded, this blog will be serving as a temporary official website as well, so watch out for the latest packages and promotions here.

Enjoy our blog, and come visit us at Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa soon :)

"Have a sweet stay with us..."