About Us

 “have a sweet stay with us…”

Nestled in a serene valley surrounded by luscious secondary forests, Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa is an inland cove buried with countless hidden treasures. We are located approximately 60km away from Kota Kinabalu, reachable with less than an hour drive from KK.

Manis Manis Nature Resort & Spa is operated by GAEA-Eco Management Hospitality Sdn. Bhd. , a dynamic privately owned hospitality operator and management company. In order to share our treasures with you, we are currently renovating and upgrading our humble yet amazingly sweet little inland cove. Once the renovations and upgrading are completed, you will be able to enjoy our little cove and explore more of our treasures that are refined and polished with the four elements of nature:

Earth Nature x Adventure = Treasure!! Come feel the earth and explore the hidden treasures of nature buried within and around Manis Manis Nature Resort and Spa. Whether you are jungle trekking/trailing, strolling along our rivers, or just hanging out around our compound, surely you would discover small but precious gifts from nature as long as you open up your heart.

Water – Do you know that belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times? Water is Life. Over 60% of human body is water. Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface. So, visit our Spa! Relax and be pampered. Let the gentle water washes away your stress and rejuvenates your tired body and soul. 

Air – When is the last time you breathe lungful of fresh and unpolluted air? Ditch the stuffy city air for a few days and come to Manis Manis Nature Resort and Spa. Bring your family or close ones, relax and enjoy the morning or evening breeze here. If you love the air and wind too much to stay indoors at night, come camp under the starlight and let the calm night air lulls you to slumber.

Fire – Ever heard of the Chinese phrase ‘Huo Hou’? It means the duration and degree of heating, cooking, smelting, etc. (‘Huo’ means fire, and ‘Hou’ means duration or degree). Since ancient times, the Chinese believes that mastering the duration and degree of fire is crucial to a well-cooked meal. Come to Rosie Café and try our many signature dishes that are sure to please any discriminating palate. 

Our little humble but amazingly sweet inland cove is indeed an ideal weekend-get-away location, be it for relaxation and pampering, corporate team building retreats, adventure seeking, a simple camping trip or even a family bonding vacation. So, leave your laptop and worries at home, and come visit us with slippers, shorts and hiking boots to experience our hospitality and discover one or two or many of the treasures hidden here.